Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I do love my new bed.  Having my head comfortably elevated enables me to breathe all night long.  Even with the night guard in, I don't wake up with fatal dry mouth.  I don't need breathe right strips.  It's just kind of amazing.  The foam wedge was a completely different and not nearly as successful experience.  I'm not sure why but I do love the new bed.

This morning's adventure is that one of the webcams is down.  I had to reset the router on Sunday and it took me all day yesterday to figure out that the wifi really did suck.  I changed the security settings and bam!  It's like the pipe went from coffee stirrer to highway tunnel.  But, the webcam is wired into an extender and there's something hinky in that connection.  That's on the top of my todo list this morning.

I had another small nosebleed last night but I think the main problem is healing pretty quickly and last night's may be the last of this episode.  I take an aspirin a day and I suspect that's not helping the nose issue. BUT I consider that blood flow - in nose or on the bruises on my arms and hands - evidence that my blood isn't getting all gunked up for a stroke or something.   In other words, they are signs of good.

Swimming is at 11.  Otherwise, my day is clear.  I have some cables coming in today that will, hopefully, enable me to finish off my living room computer/cable cleanup.  That's all I will be able to do until my CPU comes back probably the end of next week.

I did have on my calendar - tidy up for housecleaner but... the house is pretty tidy already.  Amira and her daughter come tomorrow. I think I probably won't be here. I need new frying pans and chair covers from IKEA and tomorrow morning seems like an excellent time to knock that errand right off the list.  I'll get down there after the restaurant opens and have some breakfast until the store opens, get my goods and get home.

Now I think I need to get out of my new bed which I really do love.  It was worth the cost and aggravation.
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