Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I feel like every week since mid-December has had something that kept it from being a regular week... until now. Now I feel like things are back to normal.  Back to regular.  And it's kind of nice.  I need to go to Ikea and today was going to be the day but I think Wednesday will work just as well.  I want a totally nothing today and today seems as good a day as any for that.

And I got my pool mojo back.  Last Thursday and Friday were not great pool days for a variety of reasons and then Saturday was a no pool day as was Sunday but today all was good.  I did my mile, plus some extra and my timing was excellent - under an hour.  Nice.

My nose finally seems to be healing. The last eruption was nearly 24 hours ago. Now it not only feels totally not bleeding but it's not even stuffed up any more.  I think that one bleed from Saturday morning just never got started healing  but now it has.  Whew.  That was not that much fun. On the up side, I had bought two boxes of tissues that I turned out not to like much at all.  They are nearly gone now!

I think I might start a load of laundry...
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