Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


More nose bleed. Right in the middle of dinner.  This is getting very annoying.  It was my fault. It had been 7 hours and my nose was running - my nose always runs - and I blew it.  Bad idea.  From now on, I'll sniff.  And inside my nose if a lovely, annoying, scab.  Nice.

I did tackle the cable project and it was not nearly as bad as I thought.  In the rats nest were 2 very long USB cables plugged into my computer and attached to ... nothing.  Crimineny.  I got them all sorted out.  Nice.  When I get the CPU back, it will be a since to finish it off.

I posted my aggravation about my Linksys router on G+ which is copied to Twitter and I actually got a tweet from Linksys.  I wonder if they will follow up.  Meanwhile I put two different ones - NOT Cisco/Linksys - in my wish list on Amazon.  I'll probably pull the trigger on one of them this week.

But, the big news is that finally finally finally, we have snow!!!  It's coming down fast and furiously.  It will likely be gone by daylight but for now...

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