Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My nose finally finished bleeding (I hope) and I ventured out (with a big box of tissues) and got my errands done.  I got everything on my list and a couple of things more - god, I love that dollar store.  And then home.

I tackled and completed 1/2 of the re-org re-wire project.  The hardest part.  The part that if it doesn't work leads down a techno rabbit hole.  The part that requires me to climb onto the kitchen counter and so surely fall to the floor outside of the range of the webcam and so undiscovered for days.

But, alas, after one minor, fixable glitch, it went off without incident.  The hardest part turned out to be getting the sticky residue left from the cable cover off the cabinets.  Now, I have no ugly cable coming down from on high and I have amazing wifi reception in the far end of the condo!  Yeah me!  I did manage to decorate both hands and wrists and one forearm with large purple blood bruises.  On the up side, my right arm looks like I have on a bangle bracelet!

I think I'll save the rest for tomorrow.

My brother had new portraits taken of his tech staff.  I am crafting monthly 'Staff Spotlights' for the newsletter.  I thought rather than have the spotlights decorated with little square school pictures, we should get the images done up like Wall Street Journal portraits.  Turns out my graphic software skills fall just out of this range and my attempts were pathetic.

Then my brother sent me a link to one of his favorite websites - and this guy who does exactly what I wanted.  $20 for all four of them.  I sized up the shots on Thursday afternoon and Bill sent them off to this guy.  The guy said he'd have them done by Monday.

Today - 2 days early - Bill got 5 different versions of each one and they are all amazing and fabulous.  I love the internet.

I just had the best sandwich and now it's time to get back up and get to work.  I need to put some stuff away and tidy up the kitchen and empty the dishwasher and then I can sit down again for as long as I want.
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