Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night's sleep was not restful.  Among other things, I dreamed that I took Zoey to CES.  At 2:30, my internet radio came on saying the system had encountered an issue and reset and did I want to share the information with Logitech?  I woke up at 6:10 and, of course, my alarm had not gone off but as soon as I touched it, the radio station came on.  ???

I was up and reading the internets and drinking my coffee and my nose began to bleed.  In past winters, I've had nose bleeds here and there - very small ones.  This winter it hasn't been bad at all.  I had a small one yesterday.  But this morning was like an arterial blast.  I finally got it stopped but only after a box of tissues.  And I think I got it all out of the duvet and got my face cleaned up.  I have 45 minutes before I have to leave for swimming so that will give me time to ensure it is really done.

My big project for soon - today, tomorrow, etc. is to rewire the computer situation in the living room.  A few years ago when I had it all redone and had my desk built, I had a cable carrier built below so that you can't see any wiring.  The designer came up with the design and it works way better on paper.  Now that my CPU - the most cable hungry of them all - has gone to the hospital, I'm going to disassemble it all and see if I can organize it better.  Plus when the CPU comes back it will be wireless so no need to have the ethernet cables, the wifi extender, the bridge and all their wires and cables.

I'll move the extender up to the top of the kitchen cabinet where it will be hidden, and give much better range. Plus, then I can plug the webcam into it and eliminate the cable that comes down the kitchen wall snaking into the living room.  But, that will mean a paint retouch and the leftover paint I have is OLD.

So.... after swimming, I plan to go get a sample pot of that color.  And I need a stop at the dollar store and both those places are right down the street from the nice iHop so I think I'll treat myself to breakfast there.


Ok, now it's 30 minutes and another or a follow on nose bleed.  Another gusher.  There will be no swimming.  I can't trust this nose enough.  It's stopped for now but it's a nasty bleed and I need to give it at least an hour before I can declare it sealed.  So I'll hang here for an hour and then, if all is good, I'll go run my errands.  Tissues just got added to the shopping list.
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