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I've now had two days of not-great swimming.  Yesterday, there were a couple of weird/not comfortable events that kind of put me off my stride.  Today, I just didn't want to go.  Both days, I quit 15 minutes earlier than usual.  I'm so hoping these two days were just a matching pair of one offs. I don't want to fall out of love with swimming.

I was about half way through the swim this morning when I remembered that the inside of my car is trashed which is usually ok but today is one of the rare days when someone else is going to be in the car.  My meetings with Tyler, my financial adviser, have turned into donut runs.  There is a heavenly donut shop about a half mile from Tyler's office.  So when we meet now, I go to his office, pick him up and we go to Frost Donuts and meet there and then I take him back.

I don't really have the time or inclination to vacuum the car but I do need to pick up the spare towel, tidy up the shopping bags, hide/toss the junk.  I'm picking him up at 10.  If all goes well, it will take me about 30 minutes to get there so I'll give myself 45.  15 for car tidying up.  I need to be dressed and out of here at 9 which is 40 minutes from now.

When most of your days have nothing on the schedule, you forget how to plan and then over compensate by stressing about the schedule.  Yeah, I do understand the crazy/kink of it.


I forgot to hit POST!

Now it's 2:30 and I am home.  Turns out I decided to pack up my CPU and send it to my brother (we've been talking about it and he said now as a good time to send).  I wrestled it to the car and then realized that Tyler wouldn't be going anywhere in my car as long as it was there.

So I left town and got to Mill Creek and happened on a cute little shipping place where the nice lady kindly asked me if she could repack it and and I said she could not only repack it but also feel free to laugh riotously at my packaging.  On to Tyler's where we met in his office anyway.  Turns out my finances are still fine (whew) and will be better next year when I start drawing social security.

Then I went on to the donut place and enjoyed a delicious donut and got some to take home.  Then on to Walmart where I found nearly everything on my list.  Then on to Daiso.  My car sometimes beeps uncontrollably when I turn it off.  If I turn it on and off again it quits.  One time it keep beeping when I turned it on and beeped without stopping til I stopped and turned it off.  No lights flashed no other indication of any problem.  Today it did that after Walmart.  It drove me nuts.  Daiso was about 6 miles from Walmart in a giant shopping mall but I had no idea where.  I spent 30 minutes looking for it.  Driving around and beeping and getting out and walking and finally said fuck it.  When I got back into my car the beeping stopped but I was ready to hang it up and come home so I did.

And I am mighty glad to be here.

Now, I'm absolutely hitting POST.
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