Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat pissed

Zoey has a giant litterbox all to herself.  It's in a special cat litter chest.  And she pees all around the litterbox.  Over every side.  I finally, today, got a litterbox with tall sides.  I lifted out the old litterbox to find a fucking see of cat pee.  The chest has a plywood bottom.  When I first discovered her pee over the edge trick a few months ago, I lined the chest with plastic shelf liner.   Not carefully enough because the plywood is soaked with cat pee!

Boy cats are supposed to be bad pee-ers.  Like boy people, many can't or don't want to aim correctly.  I've never had a girl cat who couldn't aim.  Until now.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Walmart and buy shower curtain liners.  I'll get one to use and one to use while I clean the other one because I'm sure the new high walled litter box is not going to foil her efforts.  Sheesh.


The eye doctor who did my cataracts had great skills (apparently) but a personality that was so dull it was nearly rude.  She retired.  The doctor who took her place is the nicest, the friendliest, the most informative doctor I think I have ever visited. I didn't want to leave!  And he was incredibly efficient.  While my eyes were dilating, he saw 3 patients.  When it came my turn, I don't think I spent more than 8-10 minutes with him and yet did not feel at all rushed, felt like I got good info, complete info and a fine eye exam.  It was wild.  They need to bottle that dude.  He found teensy weensy spots (like the beginnings of macular degeneration) but he said it wasn't enough to worry about. He gave me a little piece of paper with squares on it and told me to use it to check my eyes like every 3 or 4 months and come see in him a year.  I can't wait for the year to be up.  I want to go back now!


Swimming was weird. Not great. Not bad. Just an off day. I don't even think I finished my mile - came close, though.


Tomorrow it's financial adviser day.  On the way home I'll make that stop at Walmart and probably at Daiso - I want to see if it's better than the ones we have here.  And maybe stop at Red Lobster for lunch.  We don't have one closer to here and I never get to eat at one and I like Red Lobster's!


Now I need to take the old litter box and the pee soaked liner down to the dumpster.  Uh oh.  I just heard a crash.  That cat is really working overtime this week!
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