Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have no idea when I last slept through the night without getting up once to either pee or get a drink/pill to stop coughing.  A good night has been getting up only once.  Last night I did not get up at all.  Not once.  Seriously, I think the last time that happened was probably a decade ago.  I don't even remember opening my eyes to check the time.  Wow.

I hereby declare bedgate totally worth it.

Yesterday turned out to be wild.  A whole lotta people (as in about 700,000 - the population of Seattle is 650,000) descended on my neighborhood starting at 6 am and stayed until about 4 pm.  Twitter was full of photos of the lines of people trying to get back home.  Trains, cars, light rail, ferry boats, highways - jammed until about 6ish.  I was grateful that I did not have to go anywhere.

Today, hopefully, we can start the post football season.  Pitchers and catchers report to spring training on Wednesday.  The first game is 3 weeks from today.  I think I'm ready.

I have my eye doctor appointment today. It's not until 9:40 but not only has my insurance changed, but I am not at all confident in this insurance that I'm using for this one month so I need to get there early to work out any kinks.  I think I'll probably pay cash if there's a hink in the insurance - I mean pay cash rather than cancel the appointment.  I'm sure my eyes are fine but I'd like to have a professional tell me that.

I'll just take my swim stuff with me and go to the pool after.  Then, this afternoon belongs to my brother's newsletter.

Yesterday afternoon, I opened the door to condo hallway.  Neighbor Ann had asked if she could come see the crowd outside my terrace (their unit's terrace faces west, mine faces east) so I left the door open so she would know it was fine to come on in.  It was open for a couple of hours.  I found out later that sometime during that time, Zoey went adventuring.  Ann told me that at one point she opened the door to her unit and there was Zoey sitting outside her door. We have looooooooong hallways in this building.  Ann's door is probably 200 yards from mine.  Neither of us know how Zoey knows where Ann lives.  At some point Zoey came on home.  I was oblivious.  When Ann was telling me this story about an hour later, Zoey was sitting right next to me.  Cats.

I'm still astounded by sleeping through the entire night without interruption.  Wild.
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