Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'd feel guilty but...

When I bought my phone last week, there was a screen that said if I logged in with my google account I'd get a $10 credit in the Play Store.  So I logged in with my google account.

Bought the phone.  No credit sent.  ????  I sent an email to Motorola customer support and got an automated replay saying I'd get a real reply in 24 hours.  I did not.  Then I accidentally found a page that listed my customer support interactions, including that one that was listed with a status of closed. WTF?? Closed?

Then I got on a mission. G+, Twitter, email and their own 'community' forums.  I wanted that $10 goddammit.  They raked me over the coals to buy the phone, and now they were going to fuck me out of $10????

Finally today, Wendy from Motorola left a note on the forum that she would be in touch.  Right after that, however, Some Dude left a snarky message that you could get the link elsewhere.  'google is your friend'.  I do not take to snark well.

I dug. I finally found his vague reference - on Reddit where a guy described uncommenting out a bit of code via the inspect element feature of Chrome.  I have always used Inspect Element to see stuff but never knew I could edit with it!  It was not easy to figure out but I finally did. Removed the 'Marketing asked us to take this offer off the page' comment and BAM, there was my button to 'share'.  Sharing brought me an instant email with my $10 credit!!!

(One of the developers I used to work with would virtually slap the hands off of any producer who left non-public info "hidden" in comments on a web page. I never did but I heard him, in conference calls, rip new ones left and right when others did.  He would have just stabbed whoever left this one since it literally cost the company money.)

Shortly - like minutes - after I got my $10, I got an email from Wendy saying she had escalated and then minutes after that, I got an email from my reopened service ticket apologizing saying the $10 credit was over but offering me free headphones or a $20 Motorola credit.  I picked the headphones - they cost $30 on the website - green, please.

Yep, I gamed the system but it took work and they gamed me first.
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