Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yes, I am proud of this

When I was a young adult, credit cards were not as ubiquitous as they are today.  Department stores (yes, there were still department stores) issued charge-a-plates.  They were cardboard cards with physical metal plates with your info on raised letters.  Then they went to charge cards for that store only.  Then Master Card and Visa hit the street and the world of credit changed.

I was young and had a job and thought handing plastic over and getting goods was just dandy.  So I did. A lot.  And managed to rack up quite the debt.  My credit never really got horrible but it was always borderline enough to make getting a car loan dicey, for instance.

And then I woke up.  And realized that no husband or children were going to take care of me in my dotage and if I didn't get a grip, I'd be a bag lady with no bad credit hanging around the payday loan office.  I was already 40 years old.  But I buckled down and knuckled down and changed my wanton ways and now I am a spendthrift again but this time with the funds to do it.

This morning I got my Discover card statement.  They have started putting your FICO score on your Discover bill.  My FICO score is 824. I'm pretty proud of that.

The top score is 850 and now I'm thinking what can I do to get those last 26 points...  I've turned into an over achiever in my old age. And now I'm annoying even me.
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