Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bed Porn

So, while the bed store gets about a 2 (scale 1 horrible, 10 best),  the delivery guys get a 9.  My window was 2-4 and they were here at 2:15 and called first so I could meet them at the front door.  They were both young and just as cute as they could be. I would have loved to have kept one or both.  They were fast and sweet and funny and careful.

They got the bed all set up and tested and working.  Then they handed me a fat pamplet.

Me: Ahhhh the user manual.
Tall Guy:  Yep, the dreaded manual.
Me: What, no instructional video??
Tall Guy:  I'm afraid not.
Other Guy:  Not so fast! (And he hands me a DVD)
Me:  Oh!!  Bed Porn!!

They both appreciated this way beyond what was needed.  As they pulled away from the curb, Tall Guy was saying "enjoy your bed porn!!!"

The store manager apparently forgot to include the spare mattress cover she promised.  What.Ev.Er

Neighbor Ann came by after they left to see and so I made her wrestle the mattress cover on and then the fitted sheet and then better sheet because the first one was too skinny.  The upholstered part that Matt, the sales guy, pitched such a fit over getting correct, does not even show in my bed frame.  Actually if you look at the bed made up, the only thing that says this is not a normal bed is a thin guard at the end that keeps the mattress from sliding on the floor.

The mattress is not a coil mattress.  It is a massively heavy thing.  I think I need to anchor the mattress cover on the underside but there is no way in hell I could turn that over.  I may get the housecleaner to help me one time when she is here.

The foot end goes up and the head end goes up so I can have a total U position.  Which cracks me up.  You can massage your head or your feet or both.  And the massage feature turns itself off after 30 minutes.

The Under the Bed area was blocked smack in the middle with the old slat arrangement.  Now it is free and clear giving me way better storage options.  I had the vacuum cleaner out and ready but it wasn't even disgusting under there.  Nice.

Now I need to put the room back together.  My breathing has been horrible today and I needed to rest before I tackled it.  Hence this entry.
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