Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I drove around the block this morning on the way to the pool to see the aftermath and, honestly, there was not much to see.  On my own back alley where the first giant crowd was, it was cleaner than after a regular Seahawks game.

I woke up about 1:30 and could still hear the cheering/screaming/honking but not as much and, turns out, that was about the time the police started inviting folks to head on home.  One of the lifeguards lives a couple of blocks up where the crowds ended up spending a lot of time and she said that the police used sonic booms to move people out. I have no idea if she even knows what she's talking about but we both agreed from what we saw the police did a great job of letting people party and keeping people safe. Good on them.

Most of the regulars skipped this morning's swim.  Wednesday is the parade day. The parade ends in the stadium parking lot.  I am going to Mill Creek to meet my financial adviser and will probably be coming home just as getting into my garage will be impossible.  Oh well.  I'll figure out something.

I just discovered that my Cisco/Linksys router is suffering from an apparently well known bug for which there is no fix.  Nice.  It's working now but it is not possible to log in to make any changes.  I really don't have any changes I need to make but if I ever do, looks like replacing will be the only option.  Apparently a factory reset only works for a very short time before the bug reappears.  Hopefully, they will fix it before I have to make changes.

I heard from the building manager that the bed delivery is doable.  I have to go sign a form assuming liability for anything they break.  Getting stuff delivered used to be way easier but, condo people aren't known for their common sense or respect for property so I'm guessing that years of stupid people have created the convoluted system we have now.  Happily, I rarely have stuff to be delivered.

I need to get the bedroom ready.  We'll be using my bed frame. I'm still hoping it fits. I need to get the folding chairs out from under and move the side tables out of the way.  I also need to dig out one of my old power strips since I have no more free electrical outlets on the bedside wall.

My brother has a new newsletter that needs some help and there are bears to knit.  Busy Monday!
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