Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bed Saga Continued

So tonight - at 6 pm - somebody from the bed store called to say my bed was here and ready for delivery.  A week early.  Nice but... I can't have it delivered on a weekend (which I have told them in person, on the phone and in email several times).  And I have to know the delivery schedule ahead of time so I can reserve the elevator with the building manager who does not work on weekends.

So....  I can't get the bed this weekend.  Monday is a giant question mark since I cannot imagine being able to coordinating the building manager and the store in time.  So I told the store 2-4 on Wednesday and told the building manager (in email) Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. And meanwhile, I still have a week from Monday scheduled with both the store and the building manager.

I really hate shit like this.  Ask the store who has to check with the delivery people.  As the building manager, back and forth and back and forth.  I'd almost rather they had not called and just left the delivery as is.

When I hear from the building manager (who, if he responds this weekend, will accumulate multi points with me), and he confirms Monday or Tuesday, I'll be sending a strongly worded message to Matt and the store manager asking them to make their best efforts to get me the bed on that day without further hassle.  I suspect they will be happy to see the back side of my ass.

Bitch bitch bitch but it does look like while probably a big hassle, I will be getting the freakin' bed early.  And that's nice.
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