Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The SEEEEEEE  HAWKS! rolling pep rallys started - at least those in the parking lot outside my living room - at 2:20 am.  Screaming, shouting and car horn honking - easily heard from my bed.  It would go for about 5 minutes and stop.  And then go again in about 20 minutes.  They were still going strong when I got home from the pool at 8.  EDIT:  I can still hear them out there but they are not now as loud as they were at 2:20 am.

Lovely.  3 more days - if they win, maybe 4 or 5.  If they lose 3.  In any event it will be over soon.

I'm off to Google this morning.  Google in Kirkland which is about 30 minutes from here traffic depending. I'm kind of excited to visit a Google office even if it is tiny.  It's a 3 building campus.  My user test is 90 minutes long - I'll be home early afternoon.  Then my brother and his tech crew have a training session on some new remote software and need me as a guinea pig.  Fine by me.  A full day!!

I really do hate the sound of horns honking.
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