Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Wednesday

Swimming this morning was good.  It was more populated than Monday but not too crowded.  I swim for fun and it is fun but I cannot deny that having swum a mile before 8 am makes me feel pretty darned virtuous.  It's like a license to do whatever I want for the rest of the day. Not that I wouldn't anyway but having the license does help.

Today I will gather up the bears for their group photo and pack them up for delivery tomorrow.  And I will then start on next month's batch.

I got an email last night from a woman at Motorola about the credit card issue I ran up against when I tried to order a Moto X.  Her note acknowledged the problems and said she would be getting back to me.  I was Very impressed.  Really, I was and my reply told her so but I also told her I had changed my mind about buying the phone.

It's fancy and I'd love to have one but... I'm not sure I have the patience to deal with Motorola if there is a problem.  There probably won't be but still.  And while the phone has some features I'd love to have, it does not have some I really value.  But, mainly, even though my tolerance for spending money on gadgets I don't need is huge, even I hit the 'don't be ridiculous' wall.  I am grateful to Motorola for not only saving me money but enabling me to make the decision on my own.

Neighbor Ann stopped by last night.  The new building manager has already crossed a line with her.  He could still redeem himself if he starts working hard at it now but, just judging from the notices he's posted already, his arrogance could easily cut his reign short.  On the up side, the new board elected leaders and the woman who used to be the CEO of Aldus was elected president.  She's a genius at people and organization management and highly respected for her genius by everyone in the building.  At least for a year, we are golden.  If the new building manager can't be fixed, he will be replaced efficiently but, it is more likely, she will fix him and he'll turn out to be wonderful.  We got really lucky this year.
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