Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saved from myself

I decided to buy the phone. But the website won't take my Discover card. I tried for several hours - over phone, over chat and nada. The problem is on Motorola's end.  Discover says they aren't even seeing a request of any kind.  But, the only option, Motorola's customer service offers is 'use another credit card.'  Not happening, dudes, not when it's your fault.  So no phone for me.  Which is really what is best for me.  So fine.

You know how sometimes water gets cloudy?  Like in ice sometimes?  It tastes the same.  I always figured that fog was like cloudy ice.  It's just a molecular change that affects only how the light refracts through it.  And that it was just wet air.  Well, apparently, I am as good at science today as I was in school - that is NO GOOD AT ALL.

Turns out that what fog is made of is really neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned but that fog is an indication of very sucky air and is very likely the cause of my coughing so much on foggy days!  I did not know this.  I do now.  cough cough cough

I cut up all my new shirts - cut off the sleeves and cropped the torso and tossed them in the wash.  They all washed beautifully.  I'm really very impressed with my faux dickies.  (Wearing long sleeve turtlenecks under my fleece sweaters is one layer too many but my fleece sweaters make my neck cold.  Dressing is an adventure.)

I have nothing interesting for dinner but I'm too lazy to go out.  hmmmmm
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