Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Deal Day!

We have this shelf in the garage.  People put stuff on it that they no longer want but other people might.  Some people put crap on it but the crap always disappears so some people must like crap.  Some people put really good stuff on it.  One day I cleaned out my purse drawer and put about 10 purses on it.  They were gone in an hour.   One day I found ink cartridges for my printer on it and other day I found a 10 pound bag of cat food.  It had been opened but not much was gone.  Clearly one cat's EWWWW was Zoey's YUMMMM.

Today I walked by and there, in the original box, was a dual band Netgear wifi extender.  I grabbed it.  Turns out it was brand new and complete with everything.  I have been using an old single band extender that I always fight with.  It's in my closet and has both ethernet and USB plugs and I use both in addition to the wifi.  I fired up the new fancy one and BAM works beautifully - way better than the old one.  A big score.  Amazon's price on them today is $95.

On to Goodwill where I really scored.  4 shirts, 2 spoons and 3 bowls.  All perfect for what I need and a total of $10.  Turns out, while Wednesdays are 20% off for Seniors Day, Monday's are $1.29 for certain color tags.   The cashier explained the system to me.  Every week there is a new color.  Thursday-Sunday everything with that color tag is 50% off.  Whatever is left of that color tag goes for $1.29 on Monday.  The shirts I got were $7 or $5 but I paid $1.29 each for them.

Sweet.  Time to take the tags off.
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