Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I woke up today at 5:58.  I could have gone back to sleep but at least I was more awake than not.  About half the regulars were not at the pool this morning - actually more than half. It was almost eerie. One of the life guards said that yesterday was like that, too.   My swim was good.  It was the second one while listening to a book which I think is going to be a thing. Maybe not every time - I'll likely switch back to music now and again but the book listening  is good.

Today's plans... will start with a trip to Goodwill.  I need a couple of little bowls and a couple of turtleneck shirts that I can cut the sleeves and crop to make into pseudo dickies.  I was window shopping on the internets last night and realized that I could get exactly what I want at cheaper prices at the Goodwill. Happily, we have two within a couple of miles from here.  One is one of those where you buy by the pound. I've never actually been in that one but the other one is a regular store that is full of very wonderful stuff.  It's that one I'm headed to today.

After that, it's back to my regular life.  There's nothing on the calendar this week. I have cranked up the bear work so that the haul this month is very nearly the usual quantity despite missing a week of knitting.  The weekend/end of month day  is going to mean either an early or a late delivery. I'm thinking I may go ahead and take them on Thursday.  We'll see.

There's a phone I have been coveting - a Moto X - that has been too pricey for me to consider.  But it keeps going down in price and today, from noon-1, it's $100 off.  I am soooo tempted.  I do not need it.  At all. Not one bit.  My current phone is fine in oh so many ways.  And I do not need to spend the  money.  Hopefully, I'll get distracted and miss the window.

They have now taken to calling Seahawks fans 'the twelves'.  My new New Year's Resolutions have me thinking that this is a handy shortcut and my clue to hit mute, change the channel or fast forward.  Working fine so far.
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