Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What does it matter? Who's it hurting? Chill already.

In the midst of the bed debacle and the goggles order issues, I found myself getting all bent out of shape about even the tiniest things.  The 12th man crap that continues to assault, some idiot comments on the internet, the incredibly ugly, offensive, irrelevant and typo-laden notice that the new condo building manager who hasn't even started yet put up in all the elevators.

Everything annoyed me. And not in a healthy, you-can-fix-this-and-the-world-will-be-better-if-you-do way but in an I'm-superior-to-you-and-most-everyone-else way.  In other words, a very ugly way.

Plus, my being annoyed, complaining and generally expending energy on stuff like this was enabling not one single positive thing for anyone.  So what if football people are whipped into a frenzy about their team?  What's the harm?  And if there is harm, what's the harm to me?  If I don't like seeing it on the news, don't I have a mute button???  I know I have a mute button for idiotic comments in Goggle Plus.  I even have a way to block people so I don't see them in Google Plus and in Twitter.  Will blocking them hurt anyone - me or them?  Fuck no!  Do it.  So what if the building manger isn't perfect. What if he has other redeeming qualities I haven't even discovered yet?  What if he doesn't?  Will my bitching and moaning about him make it better?  Make me feel better?  Make him better?  Nope.

I have somehow dislocated one of my toes and it hurts but only sometimes.  I hate COPD but I can still do much of what I want and while it's annoying, it's mostly not painful.  These bruises on my hands and arms are so ugly but what the fuck can be done? Nothing and they don't hurt and at least I have completely functional hands and arms - I do have a little either gout or arthritis in one finger joint but BFD.

My belated New Year's Resolution... Actually, no, it's not belated... I'm going with Lunar New Year!!

Quit whining, quit complaining, quit judging - even to myself.  Do not get into the elevator, see that notice and get pissed off every single time.  That is stupid and does no one any good.  If you can't appreciate that the new manager is trying, just appreciate that you don't have to be part of the process.

I am really going to work on this. Not having enough distractions exacerbates the problem - it's old-people-bitching.  So I will distract myself by working on the cure.  
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