Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Get up! Get up!

I so think of myself as an early morning person that I'm now retraining to make sure I stay that way.  Really.  It's nuts. Most of it, I guess, is for swimming.  I love the early morning swims but if I start sleeping in every day, getting up at 6 three days a week will be torture.  My alarm goes off (NPR on) at 6 every day but I have fallen into the habit of just ignoring it or dozing through it on non-swim days.  No more.  The rule is... up at 6 every day.  Turn on the light - either go swimming or get coffee and computer and check in on the day.

New rules. I am a morning person. I am.

So, it's 8 and I'm all caught up on the internets. Next is breakfast and then...  bear knitting while watching TV or listening to my book.  I don't have anywhere I need to go or really want to.  I have too many nice and interesting things here.
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