Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bendy straws - the new cat toy

A week or so ago, I was reading my friendsfriends page and someone was talking about accidentally finding the best cat toy - bendy straws.  They are big enough and light enough for the cat to easily bat around, pick up and carry, chew safely...  And they are cheap enough for me to pick up and toss into the recycle bin when they get ratty.

That person was so on the money.  Plus, Zoey hides them under stuff so I don't have to see them but then she'll find them again and it's Look!!  A New Toy!!!  Best $.89 I ever spent and there are at least a year's worth in the box.

My swim was good.  Listening to a book was a lovely change of pace.  I do think Jim Gaffigan goes a long way but it's only a 5 hour book so I can deal.  Towards the end of the hour, the pool started filling up with people I'd never seen before. I think the January fitness rush just got a slow start at my pool.  The first part of January was really slow but now, it seems ever time there are new and extra faces.  One of the Saturday regulars and I agreed that it will be more fun once they all give it up again til next year.

I stopped at the grocery after swim and then went on to Denny's for breakfast.  Coming home I hit a giant backup and then realized that there are events going on at the football stadium, exhibition center and the baseball stadium, so while traffic was a mess going that way, I didn't have too hard a time going around it all and coming in from the other direction.  Now I'm home and the only traffic here is Zoey and her bendy straw.

It is pretty chilly in this house.  I think it's time to drag out the Dyson heater again.   Ahhh  that's better.

I have nothing much on the calendar from here until February 3rd (a week from Monday).  That week is packed with weird stuff but today, tomorrow and next week it's just quiet and calm.  
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