Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Grand Central Bakery is a few blocks down the street. It's been there since the beginning of time.  They have great stuff and so the lines are long whenever I think of going there.  Their bread is really good but pricey.  About once a week they tweet 'mention this tweet and get a free xxx'.  It's always a cookie (they do have good cookies) or a danish.  Today it was a loaf of bread!  I'll pop in for a cookie if I'm going to be going that way.  But a whole loaf of bread?  I'll get off my ass for that.

As soon as I got off my conference call, I did.  The conference call was scheduled for noon via Hangouts. Gmail, Google Plus and Hangouts all went down about 11:15 and came back up about 11:57.  My brother was late initiating the call and had some convoluted excuse - I let him get to the end and then told him that it had all been down and his exposed butt had been covered anyway!

Before the conference call, I killed most of the morning getting the audible book onto the iPod shuffle.  iTunes just works my last nerve. It took about 10 times longer than it should have but I finally got it done and I think I can replicate the success next time, if I like the book listening.

The bed caper now has the possibility of turning out better than if there had not been any issues.  Today, the manager offered me a free pillow or a free ($130) mattress cover so I'll have one to use when I wash the other.  Very nice.  And... I had wanted tan or brown upholstery and Matt had discouraged that saying it would take too long.  The store manager said that brown would take a while but tan would not add any days to the delivery.

And... best of all... I have a confirmed (by Matt and by the store manager) delivery date of 8:30 February 10 and I have a confirmation on the elevator reservation.  Yes, it's all done.  Nothing more to do but wait until the 10th.  End. Of. Drama.  At least til the 10th.

Crap dela crap. I just had to change an appointment and changed it to a time when I had something else!  I do nothing all day long day after day how in the fuck can I have 3 things that conflict?????

But, when I picked up my bread, I bought myself one of those delicious cookies.  I'm saving it for after dinner. 
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