Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


At the risk if jinxing it, I think it's looking like Fuck with Susandennis Week is over.

The bed thing was the biggie. Now that I have the attention of the right people at the bed store, I have no doubt things will go swimmingly from here on out.  I appreciate their stepping up to the plate. One of the more impressive things in the manager's letter was her mentioning that not only was my mistreatment an aberration for the store, it was also, apparently totally out of character for Matt, the salesman.   I am sorry that Matt dropped the ball and I'm sure he is too, now. (But most of all, I totally appreciate that she not only did not throw him under the bus, she didn't waste anyone's time or credibility trying to excuse with blame.)

Hopefully the bed will be here soon and I'll be massaged into forgetting how painful it was to get!

This morning I woke to a love note from the goggles lady.  My note to her suggested that probably the tinted lenses were sent by mistake.  Her note to me was yes, they were.  She's sending me replacement clear goggles and a prepaid mailer to return the tinted ones.  Perfect solution.  Nice.

This morning's swim was kind of different. First of all, getting out of bed was way more difficult than usual.  Then the first few laps were not that much fun either.  Also it was crowded - with people I had not seen before.  But, I got into it. My lane cleared out of the people going too fast and too slow and it all turned out fine.

Now that I have a reliable audio system for swimming, it occurred to me this morning that maybe I could load on an audible book and swim while being read a story!  When I got home I checked into it and yep.  Can do.  I bought Jim Gaffigan's Dad is Fat.  I'll start it tomorrow.  Should be fun.

Yesterday's conference call was moved to today.  And sometime - this could wait until tomorrow - I need to go to Safeway.  Also a Costco trip is going to need to be in the near future.  But, right now, I need some breakfast.  Real breakfast. With eggs.
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