Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's me not you

On black Friday there was a swim site offering a good deal (%15 off/free shipping) on my favorite goggles.  I ordered 4 pair. Figured they would last me more than a year.  Shortly after I ordered, they called to say they only had 1 pair.  They would order more but they wouldn't be here by Christmas. I said, no biggie.  I wouldn't even need them before about March.

Several January weeks went by and I hadn't heard anything. I wrote and asked what the deal was. I figured I'd order a pair from Amazon if they were not going to ship after all.  I like to keep a backup pair.

I got a fast response saying they still didn't have any.  She said that she did have other colors.  I replied that I'd happily take whatever color she had as long as the lens is clear.  She replied they all had clear lenses. I said send 'em!  She popped them into the mail - 2 day express.  They arrive.  2 have clear lenses but the other 2 are tinted.

Is it Fuck with SusanDennis Week and I just missed the memo?????
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