Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

obsessive??? Me??? surely you jest and don't call me shirley

Realizing that my email to info@thenowinfamousbedstore could go to spam or could be ignored, I printed it out and sent a copy via postal mail.  Now, I am done.

Plus bigger news on the obsessive front!  The apartment right across from me - the one that has been empty since it was built, the one I can see most clearly right into... is being cleaned for its first tenant!!!!  Oh I am so happy.  The New Guy who moved in under my sweet Bear Guy pulled his blinds down a couple of days ago and hasn't had them up since.  That's just rude and mean.

Wonder who's moving in?? wonder if they have cool stuff and do fun things.  My best view is right into their very small livingroom/kitchen.  I'm so jazzed.
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