Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Covered in Misstep Dust

I woke up pissed about Matt the bed salesman.  I'm sick and tired of trying to drag info out of him.  He will be getting - or already got - a huge commission from my sale.  I could have gotten better service buying it online.

When I got to the pool I ran in to Julie who had told me that she loves the place for their great service. I told her my story and she was very shocked to hear it.  I composed a letter to the owner during my swim.

My friend Madeline, who comes in at noon for the aqua aerobics class came over to the side of the pool when she got there and asked if I wanted to go out for coffee after her class.  She said she could even leave early if I wanted.  I told her it was a great idea but not today. I had a conference call I had to get home for.  We agreed maybe next week.

I got out of the pool after my swim and checked my iPod shuffle - 25% battery left.  So I clipped it to my cap and went to take a shower.  I keep all my swim stuff together in a duffle bag that stays in the car except for my cap and suit and towel.  Those all come up with me so I can hang them to dry.

When I get home, as usual, I dump my wets in the bedroom and eat lunch first.  I checked my messages to see the conference call has been canceled and rescheduled for tomorrow.  Sigh.  I eat lunch. I go into the bedroom to hang up the swim stuff and get the Shuffle to charge it and put new music on it...  It's not there.  It's not on the cap.  It's not in my pocket.  It's not in the towel or on my suit.  It's not in any one of the four pockets of my vest.  CRAP!!  I rechecked everything a half dozen times and decide that it fell off in the locker room.

I go downstairs to the car and double check all that crap, not there.  So I fire up the car to go back to the pool.  Coming out of the garage, I think the tires feel weird. I pull over and get out and check them all.  They look fine.  Whew.

Back in the car, put on my seatbelt.  That damn thing is cutting into my neck.  Oh. Wait. No.  The iPod Shuffle is clipped to the neck of my shirt.  Whew.  Back in the car, back into the garage back up here to home.

Music swapped out and the shuffle is getting charged. I'm trying to see what I can fuck up next.

Time to write that letter.

Edit:  Wrote the letter.

Dear Bedrooms and More,
I'll skip to the chase.  I am not getting the customer service I expect when I spend $4,543.06.  It's ok, I'm not going to cancel my order and at my age, I'm not likely to be buying another bed.  So you aren't going to suffer any consequences.  But I just want you to know.  And I'd like to get a confirmation of my desired delivery time of first delivery after 8:30 on Monday, February 3rd.
I'm attaching the receipt so you will have the order information.
Here are the details.
Sunday, January 12. I walked into your store wanting to buy an adjustable bed. I was hooked up with Matt who was very nice, gave me the information I needed and the quote.  He explained it would take a couple of weeks to get after my order was placed and I explained that I was restricted to deliveries ONLY Monday-Friday from 8-5 and had to make a reservation ahead of time for the elevator.  He allowed as how that would not be a problem.  There was a question about measurements and I told him I'd go home and take photos and send them.  I did.  I heard nothing.
Monday, January 13. I called and left a message asking him to call me.  I heard nothing.
Tuesday, January 14.  I heard nothing.
Wednesday, January 15. I called again. I left another message. I heard nothing.  I sent an email begging him to call and finally he did.  I bought the bed.  He promised to get back in touch on Thursday with the ETA and delivery times.
Thursday, January 16. I heard nothing.
Friday, January 17.  I heard nothing.
Saturday, January 18. I heard nothing.
Sunday, January 19. I sent another email begging for information and he replied and said he would let me know Monday.
Monday, January 20.  I heard nothing.
Tuesday, January 21.  I sent another email begging for information and he replied saying the bed would be delivered on Saturday or Sunday.  I sent him an instant reply reminding him that I could NOT take any deliveries on the weekend and requesting an 8:30 am delivery on Monday, February 3rd.
Wednesday, January 21. I heard nothing.
Thursday, January 22. I have heard nothing so I am trying a new tact.
I think spending this kind of money rates just a little more respect.  If he does not know the information and/or is going to be out and/or can't deliver, why can't he take 1 minute and send me a note saying that?
I need to make a reservation on my end to accept delivery.  I do not have the information I requested and needed to make that reservation.
I'm really frustrated.  Can someone there, please tell me if you can deliver my bed on February 3rd, first thing?  OR if not, please tell me when - M-F, 8:30-5 pm - you can deliver it?
Thank you, Susan Dennis

At least now I feel better.
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