Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I made myself get up at 6 this morning.  It's both in training for tomorrow and punishment for yesterday.  There is no excuse acceptable for me to have slept through the alarm yesterday.

When I was working I was always in the office or, when I telecommuted, 'on duty' at least an hour, often 2, before required.  I loved getting started before everyone else.  I even did it in high school and I hated high school.  So, now, to not even be able to get up for fun is ridiculous.  (I should note that while I never minded getting up and started early, I am always the first to flake.  I don't know how to nap so I crash early in the day and call it a night sometimes when it's not even fully dark yet (note... here in the Northwest, fully dark can be as late as 10 pm).

So sleeping through the morning swim will simply not happen again.


I actually have a meeting today.  My brother is having a Hangout meeting with his web guy and his SEO guy and his consultant guy (I think one of those 'guys' is actually of the female persuasion) and he asked me to sit in.  I'll be listening and not participating but I think it might be interesting.  It also might be incredibly frustrating. It's the kind of meeting I've run millions of times and I know how to do it.  What I don't know, I'm afraid, is how not to do it! It's not my job or place to stick my nose in how or what they are doing.  If they go way off the rails, I might say something privately to my brother, but it's not my business, it's not my job, I'm only there to gather info in case they need me to do data entry later.  It was nice of him to invite me.  He knows I'm interested. He knows I'm nosy.


Before the meeting I have swimming at 11.  Before swimming, I need to get gas.  I hate getting gas.  I hate gas stations. I hate standing there.  I don't go to the pool up on the northside any more, but one great thing about it was that there was a very simple, old fashioned neighborhood service station there. It was simple, it was easy.  I loved it.  Now, today, I'll have to go find some mini mart station.  They all have a gazillion pumps with complicated rules and scary people in giant big tired vehicles.  Ugh.  Happily, my tank is small so even when it's low, it doesn't take too long to fill up.  It is pretty darned low now meaning I need to bite the bullet and fill 'er up.


The resident manager for this condo is leaving today.  He actually left a few weeks ago and his son, who had been the custodian, took over management temporarily.  But, now they've actually hired a replacement so the old manager and his son are moving out.  The end of an era.  There's going to be some changes 'round here.  Should be interesting.


I have a very very fluffy duvet on my bed right now.  Zoey loves to get lost in the mounds of fluff.  Without her bell, especially at night, I never know if she's on the bed lost in the covers or not so she gets kicked out fairly frequently, but she keeps coming back.  Her favorite latest trick is to come back and settle in just as I am getting ready to make the bed.  She just did that so it must be make the bed time!
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