Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

awwww you missed me!

I went to the 11 am swim but had to explain myself.  The woman who does pool maintenance also participates in the ad hoc masters group on MWF from 6:30 to 7:30.  When I went in today she was sweeping the pool and did a double take - "that's right, you were missing this morning!"  Then Julie who always comes in at 11 but knows I do the early morning on wednesdays gave me the big WTF?? look from across the pool.

So nice to know when I'm not there, someone notices.


Before the pool, I went looking for my Medicare card and couldn't find it.  Since I don't need it yet, it's not in my wallet and, turned out, it was MIA.  Yikes!!  So I took apart the house looking. I found the card (and put it in the box where I looked for it first) but not before I had gone through the basket of 'Stuff I need to do stuff with'.  Turns out most of it needed the trash bin.

What didn't need the trash was the tax stuff.  So I sat down and did my taxes!  Not hugely complicated since I have so little taxable income and most of what I have is at the financial advisers and he and my CPA are tight so I just fill in 'see Tyler' and they do the rest.  Nice.  I will hold off a couple of weeks before I send it in to make sure I catch everything.  But, mostly it's DONE!


My vision is much better than it was this morning.  The TiVo words are way clearer.  Weird.
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