Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Eye C U!

Yesterday, I was reading on my tablet and then when I stopped my eyes had a hard time adjusting to anything else.  Then, this morning, I was on the laptop and then turned on the TV and the TiVo words were fuzzy.  ARUGH.

I had cataracts removed last year (one eye) and the year before (the other eye). They were replaced with permanent lenses - one for distance and the other for close.  They improved my vision so much it was like a miracle.  There was very little I couldn't see.  No glasses needed at all.  One bit.  None.

After the second surgery, I skipped the six months checkup.  I didn't really like the doctor all that much and all was fine and it was going to cost me a pretty penny so I just cancelled the appointment.  Several months later, I got a letter that that doctor had retired. (I had no idea she would take my rejection so hard!!)

My insurance that expires at the end of this month includes no vision coverage.  I just looked up Medicaid benefits and they do!!  I will be using Medicaid for February before my Medicare kicks in in March so.... I called the retired doctor's office to see who was there now (this is all at the same clinic as my regular doctor and everything else).  I made an appointment for the first week in February.  That gives me some time to gather anecdotal info.  My medicare advantage insurance doesn't have vision either so I need to get whatever is broken fixed in February!
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