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Today is a 6:30 am swim day.  The alarm goes off at 6 which gives me plenty of time to get there.  This morning I woke up at 5:30 and then at 6:45.  The pool is only open til 7:30 so I was SOL for swimming.  Shit.  It's the first time in the 10 months I've been doing the early morning swim.  Annoying.  But, not fatal.  The pool opens again at 11 so I'll go then.  It will throw my schedule totally off... or it would if I had a schedule. :)


I have my Medicare card and my Medicare Advantage (HMO) insurance card but neither kicks in until March.  I cannot register on the Premera website until March.  And I cannot register on the Silver Sneakers website either.  So last night I sent an email to Silver Sneakers asking if there was any way I could get the card I need to use member swimming pools so that I have it on March 1 when I am eligible.  This morning I got a reply saying that my card was authorized on 1/15 and will be mailed to me within 4 weeks!  This will,  hopefully, get me into pools that have more lap swim hours than city pools.


For clear proof that I have time on my hands, yesterday I created a card for my wallet.  On one side is my doctor and his number and a list of the medications I'm on.  On the other side are a handful of phone numbers that I might need in an emergency.  It dawned on me that since all the numbers are in my phone, without that phone, I know zero phone numbers.  Now, I've got that covered.


It's sounding like my bed will be here on Monday, February 3.  I'm still waiting for confirmation.  Matt sent me an email last night saying it would arrive on Friday and be delivered on Saturday and Sunday.  I told him, once again, that my condo does not allow deliveries on weekends.  He's already made the sale.  I'm likely to never need to buy a bed or anything else his store sells so there's really no need to ensure I am a happy customer other than the threat of a Yelp scalp.  Frustrating for me.

On the other hand, I did check Yelp before I went to the store and likely would have gone elsewhere had there not been so many recent glowing reviews.  And, as it happens, he asked me how I came to chose their store and I told him Yelp and he acknowledged that he used it as a shopping tool himself.


This morning, I think, I'm going to image my desktop machine. Last week when we were messing with it, I realized what a pain it would be to restart it from scratch.  The Windows updates alone would take forever.  An image would shortcut the process.  So that's today.


My brother is having picture day at his shop.  He needs new headshots for his website and newsletter.  This screengrab from the webcam shows the retail lobby of his shop.  Josh is getting his picture taken.  That's his wife, Dana, with her back to the camera and teasing the dog.  The dog is Gracie and she belongs to Jake.  Next to Dana is Amy (who is the shop manager and Dana's niece). Over on the right is Jake is watching and my brother's shoulder is peaking out as well.  There are two other dogs who work there but they must be busy elsewhere.

Screenshot 2014-01-22 at 8.06.31 AM
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