Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tuesday of the small things

I bought and started reading a book last night that my brother recommended.  Sometimes he and I are on the same book page and sometimes we are not even close.  This time, not at all close.  But, fortunately, I bought it from audible so I could return it for full credit.  3 minute phone call this morning took care of that nicely.  

Next up Kane and Abel by Jeffery Archer.  I generally much prefer novels set in current times but I think I read this way back when and really loved it but I can't remember.  I'm not sure I read the other two of the trilogy so if this is good, I have two more lined up automatically.  Nice.  If not, I can return it, too.


It's very strange to look over to my desktop computer and see someone using it.  Jake (one of my brother's technicians) has my permission to do whatever he wants on my desktop computer.  He's using it as kind of a testing/training ground for working with their remote maintenance software.  He did fine what is likely a falsely accused trojan in a file and asked me about it.  It's in a folder that is backups for my Treo phone.  I'm pretty sure I quit using the Treo in about 1999.

And, because my backup scheme is pretty much Keep A Copy Of Everything Everywhere, I have it in about 5 places on 3 different hard drives.  I don't really think I need any Palm files any more.  Delete.


My imminent dental threat is lessening every morning.  Note to self, don't give up you night mouth guard.  Three days ago I could not chew on that side and moving my cheek up in a smirk caused pain.  Now, after two nights, I can barely feel where it used to hurt.  Whew.  Enormous relief.

I did have a very cough-y night last night.  I finally got up and took one of my anti-cough pills and that fixed it.  I also remembered to refill that prescription. It's cheap relief.  $4 for 30 pills.


Molly Wood - a tech journalist I have followed for a million years and who's work I admire greatly even if I disagree with her often - just got a job at the New York Times.  I'm delighted for both Molly and for the NYT.


Swimming in an hour.  I will be so glad to get back in the pool.
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