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I just heard on the evening news that participation in online social media causes you to spend more money.  In my case, it's just howeird.  He's responsible for my two internet radios and my adjustable bed and probably half a dozen other things.  Geesh, I hate it when the evening news is right.  Happily, it does not happen that often.

The bed... I'm guessing it's on its way but my salesman, Matt is not Mr. Communications.

Sunday - in the store, met Matt, got info.  Got home and sent him photos so he could make sure it would fit and asked him to call me.
Monday - when I didn't hear, I called him.  Left a message.
Tuesday - crickets.
Wednesday - called and left another message.
Thursday - sent email and got a response!!  Yeah!!  ordered the bed.  He said he would let me know that evening or Friday when the bed would be here.
Friday - crickets
Saturday - crickets
Sunday - I sent an email asking about when the bed would be here and requested that if he did not know to please reply via email (paper trail) and let me know he at least got the request.  He did reply and said he would call today and tell me when the bed would be here.
Monday - today - you guessed it... crickets.

Initially he told me it would be a couple of weeks so I don't think anything is stalling anything but I think it's kind of insulting for him to take $4,500 from me and return crickets!!  I'll send another email tomorrow.

I finished a great audio book today and started a printed one (it's not available audio-bly).  I started reading it on my Nexus 7.  After about an hour, my eyes were broken.  I've never ever been a fan of e-ink. I like crisp black on bright white. But maybe not. I have a Kindle but never use it.  I was pretty surprised that I could find it and not at all surprised it needed charging.

All charged now, book loaded and ready to go.

And speaking of spending, Amazon has a big announcement of something on January 30. I hope it's free phone to all Prime Members. I'm sure it won't be but doesn't hurt to wish.

I did not leave the house today. I didn't mind that so much but I did miss my swim.
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