Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Next Day

I drifted off to sleep last night about 11 pm to the clear and consistent yelling and screaming and chanting of Seahawks fans who, I suspect, will feel like total crap today.  Turns out, if news reports are correct, only 1 person went to the hospital and there were no fatalities which is kind of surprising.  There was very little brain power at work in the streets around here yesterday.  I am glad it's over.  Yes, the 12th man crap will extend for another two weeks but at least not in my 'hood.  And I'll be able to go to Costco or anywhere else I want during the game.

Turns out no one did any laundry here yesterday.  So... looks like it's up to me to do today.  There are at least 3 loads.  How can one person who does so little get so much dirty???

No pool today. All city services are closed due MLK day.  Hopefully, random holiday pool closings will no long mean no swimming for me.  When I get my Silver Sneakers card, I can go to one of the pools in private gyms that are not closed.

My tooth/gum/resulting headache was really bothering me last night.  I dug out the big, full mouth night guard that I haven't used in a long time and stuffed it in my mouth. It bugged me but I left it in.  This morning, the tooth and gum feel 98% better and the headache is gone. Yeah!!!

I've been sleeping nearly exclusively on my back on this wedge and I've cut back on the amount of water I had been drinking.  I can now nearly sleep through the entire night without getting up a million times.  I still have to get up to pee about 2 hours after I go to sleep but not after that.  Last night, I rolled off the wedge and curled up on my side which felt great until I woke me up coughing.  Back on back on wedge and all was fine.  I'm still waiting on when the adjustable bed arrives.  I'm ready for it.

Time now to get up and at least get the first laundry load started.
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