Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night when I went to bed, there was yelling and partying in the street.  The parking lot was packed with cars.  This morning when I woke up it was dead silent.  Most of the cars were gone and there were no people to see.  And the people in the apartments across the way had the blinds drawn.  The difference was startling.  I think this week's celebration and mindless crowd silliness ended last night.  Today, the reality hits.  Today all those idiots get the proof that they might be totally wrong.  That must be a little stressful.  It feels stressful.  The noise and crowds will build up over the day and, thankfully, over tonight.

I will ride it out here inside. I have a TiVo full of entertainment, an excellent audiobook in progress, good stuff to read on my Kindle and nobody needing or wanting me to do anything.  Plus, the pool is closed tomorrow, so tomorrow will be much like today so no prep needed.

But there is laundry needed.  I think I'll put that on today's agenda.

We're especially quiet inside this house today.  I took Zoey's bell and collar off of her.  We've lived together long enough that I know where she is and what she's up to.  The bell and tag hung down and always got wet when she drank water.  This morning she hopped onto the bed with that cold, wet bell and tag and I thought that must be uncomfortable.  I think we can live without it so we'll give it a go.

We have a week of bad air predicted.  It's supposed to negatively affect my breathing but it brings wet fog and that makes me feel like I breathe more easily.  But I know I'm kidding myself.  I'm coughing more than usual and out of breath more than usual. As much as I love winter, this one has not been lung fun.  (At least I hope it's winter - my doctor says it's the winter.  It would be lovely to know for sure that come the warm weather, I'll feel better.  I honestly have no way of knowing.)

I think it's time to get up and get some breakfast.
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