Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Action in the 'hood

Seahawkians started gathering this afternoon.  Even with the door closed now, I can hear their rally cries and chants.  I think it's lovely that so many are having fun and I will be ever so glad when it is over.

And there is a fair amount of action across the street.  I did some rudimentary annotation.  Bear guy has company.  He's watching TV in his Seahawks jersey.  Just below him, New Guy has company, too.  He's still unpacking but at least has someone to visit with.  Just below him they are having a little party.  A few friends over.  Next door to the party (on the right) is occupied but they are out a lot and have their blinds down a lot :(.  I can't wait for the two Nobody Yet apartments to get full.   I hope it's before May when my view will be leafed away.

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