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Yesterday turned out to be remote day. My old remote needed an update and Harmony has a new, entry (read not $300) remote so I bought it.  But, my lover/hate with Harmony had me planning to return it if it is as horrible to set up as other Harmony remotes.

Turns out, this one was way easier to set up and the remote itself is great.  It's smallish and feels great in my hand and works withot having to point it towards anything.  So I can have it on the table next to me and not have to pick it up and aim.

On the downside, it doesn't work on Roku.  It should - Logitech says it does - but it does not.  I spent an hour and a half on the phone with their help person.  He was not at all helpful and when the call got disconnected while I was on hold yet again, I just gave up.  I posted a query on the Logitech forum and I'll probably call the help desk again if I don't hear anything.

While I was fucking around with my remote, I was watching my new neighbor.  A young guy moved into one of the two apartments I have the best view into (the other one is still empty).  He had boxes and boxes all stacked up.  And he just dug in.  He never even took a break. It was exhausting.  Finally about 8:30, he sat down. Whew.  But by 9 he was back up and already hanging pictures on the wall.  The box towers were whittled down to nearly nothing.  It was truly impressive.

Bear Guy - who lives a floor above Young Guy - had his cleaning lady in yesterday.

I love having these people in my life.  I seriously do.  It's been months and months since they shut down my Front Door TV Network.  I still miss it but this is a nice substitute.  Sadly the apartments are too small and too expensive so the people who live in them work someplace else in the day.  Oh, wait, maybe Young Guy is a telecommuter... One can hope.

Today is swimming.  at 8:30.  After that is as yet undetermined.  I may go somewhere for breakfast.  I may go to the grocery store. I may pass on both.

I have a tooth issue.  Several months ago, I woke up with a horrible ache in this tooth.  Turns out I had ground it sore in my sleep.  I started using a night guard and it healed right up.  Then a few weeks ago, I discovered that way way up high on the tooth - up near where the gum ends has a kind of exposed area.  If I massage it from the outside, it hits a bad pain point.  And it's kind of wiggly again but the night guard now makes it worse and not better.  And now it's kind of giving me a headachy kind of feeling.

Yep, it's drawing near dentist time.  But we aren't there yet.  I have no dental insurance of any kind but, more importantly, I'd rather crawl naked over cut glass.  I have - for years and years - had the thought that if I finally broke down and went through the pain and stress of going to the dentist, I'd be hit by a bus or some other way killed shortly thereafter.  So if I'm going to be killed anyway, why bother going to the dentist???  Yeah, I have issues.

Ok, time to get up and get going.
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