Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There's something ultra luxurious about sitting in bed at 8 am with the whole day ahead of you and a mile long swim behind you.  This morning's swim thoughts were about by fbhjr 's comment yesterday.  What if I did have a lap pool in my living room or in my house.  I used to think I'd never get around to using it if it were always available.  Years and years ago, I had a house with a pool.  I really did not use it much at all.

But, if I had a lap pool now, I think I'd be in and out of it all day - a lap or two here, 30 minutes there, a mile to start the day.  And no suit to have to struggle into or peel myself out of.  Just strip (or not) and pop in.  Now, that would be luxury.  But, I do like going to the pool and swapping smile greetings with swimmers I recognize and lifeguards.  I'm lucky to have such rich - and soon to be richer - pool options.

zimzat pointed me to an article in the Onion about Seattle's boring, offensive 12th man crap.  It is comforting to know I'm not the only one offended by all of it.

Today's big adventure is a new Harmony remote. Maybe.  I have a love/hate with Harmony remotes.  My current one is suffering from button fatigue.  I'm waffling between abandoning the universal remote idea all together or setting up a new one.  The new one I ordered today is a hub with an Android app.   I'm cautiously optimistic but have every intention of regifting it back to Amazon if/when it gets too frustrating.

UPS says it's out for delivery.

I also could stand to make a grocery run - I'm out of tangerines.  I need gas in the car.  But none of it is critical so I will or I won't depending on nothing in particular.  
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