Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Poor Jake

My brother is starting this new residential IT service. The concept is that his techs - mainly Jake - set up the residential computer with this fancy monitoring software and they make sure the machine is running in top form at all times, is updated, is virus and malware free, etc.

I volunteered to be a guinea pig.  Jake installed the software and has been fiddling around on my desktop machine now for a couple of days.  Today I noticed that the Windows starting up screen was on the monitor - the black one with the four windows colored flowerish thing in the middle.  It was there for a looong time.  Like about an hour.  I sent Jake a note and asked him if he wanted me to push a button or something and sent him a photo of the screen.

Turns out the whole thing was hosed.  Now, can you imagine, fucking up your boss's big sisters' computer so badly that it looks like the only recourse is for her to reinstall Windows?  I felt sooooo bad for him.  And I was also a bit annoyed at me for not making an image of the machine before he started messing with it.  But, at least there was nothing critical that stood to be wiped out.  A rebuild was totally doable. Just takes time to do those four million updates.

We tried rebooting and repairing, rebooting into safe mode, rebooting with CD and repair... nothing was working.  I was in the process of rebooting with CD for reinstall, when I noticed that the screen it was stuck on was trying to repair windows on my F: drive.  Windows was never ON my F: drive....  hmmmm.   Jake said to unplug the two non-boot hard drives. I thought that was a stupid idea and I was going to not do it and then I noticed it was dusty in there (yeah for see through CPU case) and I might as well take the cover off and blow it out and unplug those damn drives.

Of course, what he called his 'hail mary' trick worked.  Whew.  I  know he'll sleep better tonight and I'm glad for him.  Also kind of glad not to have to rebuild that sucker.

On the up side, he is way smarter now and oh so grateful that this happened to me and not one of his customers!!
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