Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bed Bought

Matt, the salesman, and I had a couple of communications missteps but we finally connected and I got my questions answered and so I bought the bed.  I was going for the high end one but it has a major design flaw - white quilted mattress fabric along the sides.  I can't stand the look.  I thought about covering it myself with some kind of furniture fabric.  But, my research turned up that their next model down (and $350 cheaper) has upholstered sides - much nicer looking and I give up 2 presets (out of four) on the remote.  I can live with that.

It probably will take a couple of weeks to get here and probably another week before it can be delivered.  So at least February.  I think I can wait.  I am jazzed.  Of course, I'll wait, it will get here, and it won't fit my bed frame.  I'll betcha.  (Yes, I measured and Matt has the measurements but not fitting my bedframe is one of my several showstoppers.)

Anyway the deed is done.  The charge hit my Discover card and I pre-paid it already so it is really done.

Ok, I just remeasured and sent the nums to Matt and he says we're good so I'm going to quit worrying.  Whew.  That's lots o' cash!
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