Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When I swim, I swim laps. I use one stroke - what I call American Crawl.  Up and back 25 yards each way over and over until I hit 2,000 yards.  Sometimes I stop if my goggles need de-fogging or my earphones need resetting but mostly I just go - up and back - over and over and over again.

Often I am hyper aware of my surroundings - the swimmers on either side - their suits, their equipment, their style, the lifeguards, the comings and goings of people. I like that. I like the ambiance  of the pool and I like being a part of it.  But sometimes, like this morning, I am in a world of my own.  I happen to have Gordon Lightfoot on the player today and his mellow voice and mellow lyrics and the rhythmic swimming in lanes on either side of me just zoned me right out.  It felt like I got in the water and then I hit length 80 (my 2,000 yards).  It was really rather lovely.

My mellow was harshed pretty quickly though when I hit the locker room.  Flip Flop drying woman was carrying on an inane conversation in loud tones with a whacko woman who has started coming in for the sauna only and is just crazy.  I got showered dressed and out of there before I was tempted to wet towel both of them.

As I expected, neighbor Ann came by with the condo association gossip which, assuming she's not way off the mark, took an interesting turn.  We have a woman who moved into this building minutes before I did.  Sandy.  Sandy has had a long and very lustrous career which has now turned into a very successful consulting business.  She knows how to suck the best out of the worst people and make the best people better. I've seen her do it.  It's pretty impressive.  Somehow someone convinced her to run for the board.  And, of course, she won and, unless she refuses, which Ann says she will not, she will be the president of the board.  This is excellent news.  For at least the next year, our homeowners association will be run by a brilliant CEO type.  And we have hired a building manager who comes with a pristine reputation for excellent condo management.  Very very cool.

I have a date at 11:30 with one of the tech's in my brother's shop.  They are going to start offering a program for home/personal customers whereby those customers pay a monthly fee for IT services which are done remotely. They install a monitoring program on grandma's computer and then they monitor it.  They check for the usual viruses and malware but also to ensure that the 54 toolbars that grandma installed are exactly what she wants or remove if not.  They keep grandma's computer not only backed up but also make sure her desktop is exactly like she wants it at all times. And that her operating system is updated.

I'm going to be a guinea pig.  He's going to use my windows machine to practice/play on to make sure their remote stuff works like they want it.  I have to do the initial install and then it's all on them to keep me clean and operational.  Should be interesting.

My organ recital: My foot is nearly back to normal.  The spot on my arm which I assumed was skin cancer, has healed itself.  My tennis elbow is absolutely caused by my turns in the pool.  While I was in Las Vegas, it nearly completely healed.  Two days of swimming has brought it back.  Now I have to learn to not reach out with my right hand in my turn.  Can do.  I continue to have issues with lack of air/coughing/general COPD-ness.  I continue to hope it's winter related and will all clear up when the weather gets warmer.
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