Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today was not a day I needed to get up early.  My alarm is set for 6 every day but on days that I don't swim early, I usually just listen to NPR news while I wake up slowly.  This morning, though, I woke up at 6:02 and no radio.  Ever since they substantially changed the software on my internet radios, they have been less and less reliable. It's getting pretty annoying.

I may well switch to a phone+speaker way to get NPR to come on automatically at 6.  I know I can get Pandora to do that, but I need to research the radio thing.  I'm sure it's doable.  The sound might not be as nice and I may well be just being too persnickety.  But, I can, so why not?

Nothing much going on today - swim at 11.  I think I might pick up another Papa Murphy's pizza and see if it is as good as the first one.  I still have lots of TiVo to catch up on and bear production really is way low ... so just the normal day.

Last night was the annual Home Owners Association meeting.  My neighbor, Ann, will be by today to spill all the gossip. Even though I've learned from past experience, her grasp of the actual facts has about a 60-75% accuracy rate, it's still way way better than going to the meeting myself.  I am the Worst condo citizen.  The building is still standing and the value of my own investment keeps growing and I do nothing to help either cause.  On the other hand, lots of incredibly annoying neighbors live their lives without my injuring them.  It's a wash, I figure.
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