Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nothing going on and that's so nice

My foot is still a little swollen but not at all painful and I just got it nicely into the shoe I couldn't get on the other day.  I even walked 3 blocks in that shoe and it was fine and dandy.  So whatever was the deal with the foot has clearly given up the ghost.  Nice.

I walked to the post office to mail a package to my brother.  On my shelf is a basket of k-kups I will never use - odd flavors that came in sample packs mainly but others I got somewhere, too.  As I was looking for something to stuff into the box for padding, I spied that  basket and dumped it all in.  Surely one of his staff or his customers would love one of those whacky flavors.  Generally sending that is something I would think of after I got home from the post office so I was proud I got the order right this time.

Other than my grand foray to mail, I've filled my day with internets and podcasts.  More bed research and I think I'm on the right track.  Just waiting for Matt to get back to me.  Probably he won't until Wednesday - I think his weekend is Monday and Tuesday.  I think I'll probably pull the trigger this week.  I figured out the cash flow and if I can get the pretty one, I think I just will.

Turns out the football game next Sunday is at 3:30, not 6:30 but that's fine, too.  I really don't need to go anywhere on Sunday so I just won't.

I had a couple of actual cogent thoughts for this entry but I guess they wanted to peculate a while first cause now they are MIA.
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