Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It was glorious to get back to my early morning swim.  It was fun to see old swim buddies and it just felt good to stretch out and get going and keep going.  I have to say that it did feel a little tougher to get to my full 2,000 yards than I remember.  But, I did it.  

The bill from the Wynn/Encore came in and landed on my Discover card and I whipped over to my bank to pay it back down to zero.  So, whew.  My clothes are all washed and put away.  I feel organized.  And I like that.

I think the adjustable bed is a go but I did some research and I think I'm going to drop down a model.  I want a bed that feels good and works well but it also MUST look nice. I am not spending this kind of money on ugly. The sides of the mechanics on the model I got the quote on - the one with all the bells and whistles - are just white and mattress-y looking.  Ugly with no cover.  Turns out the models of the same bed that are second best and below all have nice upholstery options. I'll be trading in some bells and whistles that I probably wouldn't use for a much nicer looking bed.  A fair trade in my book.  I have a note into Matt about it.

Today I have podcasts to catch up on and bears to kit and a cat to entertain.  Zoey is still rather clingy.  She's not making it too easy to type this.
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