Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Bed Report

I was pretty sure I was at the right place.  Locally owned, been around since the dawn of time.  Spectacular Yelp reviews...  Then, when I got there, I ran into the only person I know who runs a bed and breakfast and she says she's been using them for all her bedding needs since forever.

Matt was a great guide.  I found exactly what I want, except now I'm not sure I want it.  Yet.  Turns out I can replace ONLY my mattress with an adjustable bed and keep my frame.  BUT, I'm wondering if I want to trade in my double bed for a single bed.  I did find a frame that I can get for a single bed that I like as well as the one I have. The adjustable part would all be the same.  And, it turns out, the cost of both options is about the same.


Ok, my neighbor, Ann, just dropped by. She helped me lift the mattress so I could take photos of my frame's underpinings for Matt the mattress sales guy.  She also talked me right out of a single bed.  So that makes my decision easier.

We'll see.  I want to sleep with the wedge some more.  I'm just not sure I want a new mattress bad enough to spend that kind of money... yet.
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