Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


And now my foot does not hurt at all unless I try to stuff it into the shoes I wore yesterday.  The foot is too swollen to get into the shoe.  WTF?  It was sore this afternoon but not swollen so I iced it for about 20 minutes.  Now it is not sore but is swollen.  It is Mysterious Foot Disease.  The internets won't tell me if it's fatal.  Stupid internets.

All of the drunken revelers have pretty much left the part of the hood I can see from the terrace.  Best I can tell, the next game is next Sunday night which is nice - I can come and go as I please until probably about noon which is fine.

And we are done with the wild weather.  In fact it's rather warm in here tonight.

All my CES clothes are washed and put away.

And I've done a lot of adjustable bed research. Maybe tomorrow I'll do some measuring of what I have now and then head out to look and see what's available.  Last night, after I woke up several times with nearly terminal dry mouth and a stuffed up (even with a breathe right strip) nose,  I spent the rest of the night propped up on my foam wedge.  I may try starting off that way tonight.

Right now I'm catching up on a little TiVo but not for terribly long.  I'm in the middle of a fabulous audiobook and I want to find out how all the characters are doing.  It's called Capital and it's written by John Lanchester who has written a fair amount of different kinds of stuff including a memoir about his own mother who he discovered after she had died, had been a nun, ran away from the convent and adopted a new identity that no one ever found out about until she died.  That memoir is not an audiobook but the Kindle version of it is at my library currently checked out by me!  Oh and the reader of the audiobook of Capital is totally amazing.  Colin Maze.  He's a wonder.  So I will probably get back to it here in just a little bit.
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