Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gettin' it done!

Swimming was great. Really just so good.  I made it to the library and got home just in time. They had closed off one street and were getting ready to close off another for crowd control.

I had a spam and egg breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen and finished up work on my brother's newsletter and put in the first load of laundry.

We had a giant huge wind and rain and thunder squall that came through and lasted about an hour. I heard it coming down the chimney and then, shortly thereafter, started smelling wet fireplace soot.  I think something rattled up some ash and got to me. I have a wild asthma like cough just now.  I'm controlling it mainly by drinking water but at this rate, I'll spend the rest of the day peeing!

Anyway, the rain left and now it's sunny and windy and the Seahawkians are getting all foamed up.

I am safe and warm and Zoey is napping.  All is fine and dandy.
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