Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I take two weeks or more to pack and get ready for a trip.  That same obsessive trait gets me totally unpacked with everything put away within two hours of walking in my door.   I didn't do the laundry but I'll get that done today.  It makes me feel whole in a weird way.

Somewhere, somehow between leaving home and getting to Las Vegas, I did something to my right foot. It felt like something had dropped on the far right side of it and it was bruised through.  Since I had the scooter, it wasn't a huge issue but I didn't use the scooter the whole time and every time I walked, my foot hurt.  When I got home yesterday after the long walk from airport to train and train to home, it was really hurting.  I iced it down last night.  It feels a bit better today.  I think it just needs to be used as little as possible until it's all better and we're heading that way.

The Seahawks fans are gathering but I am going to the pool regardless.  I wouldn't mind going to the grocery store today and I'd really like to make a Costco run but the only thing on the agenda besides pool is a quick library stop then home until after the game is over and everyone has cleared out.

I think there may be a new bed in my future.  Recently one of my LJ friends bought an adjustable bed.  I really really want a waterbed but there never really was and really isn't now, attractive waterbed furniture and I can't stand the idea of a giant oak bed in my house.  So I gave that idea up.  But an adjustable bed is a real attraction.  Again, I dismissed the idea because I'd never seen a bed frame with at least headboard, if not footboard, for adjustable bed that I could live with.  BUT, at CES there were a fair number of adjustable beds in frames that were not unattractive at all.  So now I'm thinking about it again.

I was thinking my next big purchase would be a Roamio TiVo but I finally was able to see how it operated at CES and it wasn't really as impressed as I need to be to spend that kind of cash.  So now my brain is on mattress.  But, I'm in no hurry.

I am in a hurry to swim but the pool doesn't open til 8:30. I can't wait to push off from the wall and stretch out for stroke after stroke. 
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