Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Some things don't change

When I was a teenager, my parents took us on The Big Family Trip.  We'd actually never gone anywhere as a family except when a grandparent or other relative was at the end of the road.  This time we had family on the agenda but the big ticket item was Europe.  We took one of the last ocean liner crossings from New York City to Bremerhaven, Germany.  The ship was old school.  Really old school. All meals were formal affairs both in dress, demeanor and cuisine.  We loved it but we were kids and enough was enough.

By the time the ship docked, my brother, sister and I would have taken out anyone who stood between us and a PB&J sandwich.

This week I have eaten more and more elegantly than I have in a long time.  One night we had a 7 course tasting menu that was full of amazing wonders.  Last night I discovered the delight of 'crispy chick peas' along with other culinary thrills.  And it was great.

But, tonight, for dinner, I had pre-made mashed potatoes that I threw some nearly moldy cheese into and a skinny weird kind of beef and some applesauce.  It is very nice to be home.
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