Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Home - yeah!

Zoey has now covered me with cat hair.  She's glad I'm home.  The house cleaner came while I was gone so everything is in order.  Nice.  The mail held no  big surprises and mainly junk.

I'm nicely tired and winding down.  I managed to not collect any disgusting blood bruises while I was there but, sure enough, when I tried to open the back door to my building, it hit the back of my hand and BAM - giant dark purple splotch right there.  Oh well.

It's not at all cold here which is kind of nice.

Tonight I will catch up on some TiVo and knit a bit before, probably, going to bed really early.  Right now I'm going to empty my suitcase into the dirty clothes hamper.

I just got the hotel/restaurant bill.  The entire trip for both of us, hotel, elegant meals, drinks, airfare, scooter and misc (cabs, incidentals) came out to $3,800.  We could have done it for a whole lot less but I'm sure glad we didn't. My brother enjoyed and appreciated all the luxury and grandeur as much as I did.  And, my estimate which is the cash I set aside for it, was $4,000.  So, we're all good!
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