Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting for my flight

I booked the return flights I did because the ones later in the day were not non-stop for either of us.  My brother's flight was at 8:30. We are both of the get there earlier than later ilk so we left the hotel at 6 am.  The doorman, the cab driver and the guy who checked my brother's bags all told us that we made it about 30 minutes ahead of the pandemonium that is promised today as CES begins the last day.

We had a lovely breakfast at the airport and then he went on to his flight.  Mine is not until 9:30 so I've been here watching the crowd grow.  We will both be home with some hours left in the day.  Nice.

We had a magnificent dinner last night - this was our appetizer.


It's been a great and wonderful trip. Just the right amount of everything. I am tired, my clothes are dirty, my feet hurt - even though I did precious little walking - I miss Zoey and I'm ready to be home.

I have often found that travel either solidifies my desire to move on to a different life or be far more satisfied in the one one I have.  This time - as it has in recent years - it's the latter. I enjoyed the break but I want to get back to the real me.

And, I am ready to get back in the pool.  Tomorrow.  8:30 am
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